R130 Handheld Remote

This section refers to the following remote handhelds for use with the Strand 430, 510, 520, 530, 550 range of consoles and GeniusPro or Lightpalette software:

 Part Number


 66128  Wired Remote NA  Wired Remote
 66125  Radio Remote NA  902-928 Mhz for USA (FCC License exempt}
Battery Charger - 120v PSU
Belt Holster, Wrist Strap
 66121  Base Station NA  902-928 Mhz for USA (FCC License exempt}
Battery Eliminator - 120v PSU
Base Station Cable

This section covers the following topics:

Installing and Configuring the R130 Handheld Remote

This section describes the installation and configuration of the following:


Installing the R130 Wired Remote

  1. Plug wired remote into console Aux port (only AUX3 is allowed on older consoles).
  2. At Console Setup screen, Handheld Remote Communications Setup set “Handheld Remote” to “R130 Wired”, and set the Net Node, Port, Baud Rate and Configuration Address.
  3. Display will illuminate and keys become active.
  4. Channels under remote control will be displayed in purple on console screens.

Installing the R130 Radio Handheld Remote

  1. Remove rear cover from handheld be loosening two Phillips screws and connect re-chargeable battery pack. Replace cover.
  2. Connect radio handheld to power supply for 12 hours to achieve full charge.
  3. Press “On” key (top right) to power up handheld unit and hold down “CLR” (bottom left) & “*” (bottom right) keys as unit powers up to gain access to setup menus.
  4. Using setup menu set COMS as follows :-
      Radio Channel: 4 (default)
      Radio Sub-Channel: 1 (default)
      Internal Radio Sn: xxxxxxxx (can’ t change this - write it down)
      Destination Sn: xxxxxxxx (read from lable on base station)
      Display Serial Errors: No (default)
      Aud Serial Errors: No (default)
      Support XON/XOFF: No (default)
      Exit & Store Changes: Yes
  5. Press “On” key (top right) twice to power down unit.

Installing the R130 Radio Base

  1. Write down serial number of base station xxxxxxxx - you will need it later.
  2. Connect PSU to base station & red power LED will illuminate.
  3. Plug radio base station into console Aux port (only AUX3 is allowed on older consoles).
  4. At Console Setup screen, Handheld Remote Communications Setup, set “Handheld Remote” to “R130 Radio” and set and set the Net Node, Port, Baud Rate. Set the configuration address (8 digit number, up to 4 digits In the left field and 4 digits in the right field) to “Internal Radio Sn” previously recorded.

R130 Base Pinouts

 6 pin XLR male

 RS232 Signal Name
 Pin 1  Ground & Screen
 Pin 2  +10V Power Input
 Pin 3  N/C
 Pin 4  N/C
 Pin 5  RX [data to base/handheld]
 Pin 6  TX [data from base/handheld]

Operating the R130 Handheld Remote

Examples of basic operation when in Single Digit Direct Entry mode are given below. For further details regarding specific commands, refer to the appropriate section in the Table of Contents or Index.

Level Setting


Function Keys [F1] to [F4]

The functions of keys [F1] to [F4] are determined by a combination of the [F5] SHIFT softkey and the [F1] MODE softkey, which is available when the [F5] SHIFT softkey is selected. There are three Live Menus and one Patch Menu which are toggled using the [F1] [F5] key combination. One of the Live menus enables you to fire the pre-assigned macros HHM1, HHM2, HHM3 and HHM4 (refer to Pre-Assigned Macros). The combination of the [F5] SHIFT and [F1] MODE softkey allows you to access the additional sofkeys in Live or Patch mode.



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